I am a maker. I cannot pass a day without creating something from smaller parts. When I donít make anything, I end up disgruntled and surly. I fidget with whatever I pick up: plant stems, scraps of cloth, bits of paper, chunks of wood or wax from cheese.  

learning to knit.

People who love to work with their hands have always surrounded me. My father builds furniture, and my mother sews. My grandmother was a talented weaver and knitter and taught me to do both about eighteen times.  

I have been sewing since I was about five Ė but I studied science and writing. Now I use my background in Biology to inspire my artwork.  My scientific training affects my experimentation with design; the images I carry in my head affect the directions I take with subject matter and forms. 

I completed my first bed-sized quilt top in 2000. I finished my first bed-sized quilt in 2002. Quilting is like drawing or painting: How do I break down form into recognizable pieces? What color do I really need to use to give the look that I want? 

I'm currently fascinated with translucency: light through water, light through feathers.  I enjoy working little surprises or secrets or stories into my work. I am happiest when a quilt is beautiful to look at -- and has a bit of mischief or whimsy about it as well.

I live in upstate New York with my neurobiologist/electrical engineer husband and two kids. I sew in the attic when I get the chance. We play outside a lot, take kid-sized hikes, and grow our own vegetables.